Ape Shift

by Secret Source

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softly drippin' onto me |oneness throws me into all my fears | making clear | no way to survive here | unless i leave behind my polluted mind | always trying to hide love and light | body's twisted | heart is too | if i had only listened to the truth i told you inbetween the trees of green | i dance for fireflies | replacing fear with their light | love for soul | and all who are are right | carried by drops of holy water | float and find | all beauty is mine here i go alone | here i go all one on the earth | i stand and feel | stones under my feet | see colors so unreal | drifting further into dreams | love for all | and all who are are me | endlessly floating in a world | so bright and free | enlighten me
for some time running | running round | i can see the stream | reflecting all things between wake and dream | zero and eternity | walking in ape shape | wasting all my time | believing there's importance to anything alive | or the things that have passed their earth time take my eyes | i need to concentrate | i wanna find without trying | live without time | just take my eyes and see how small you are how small you are | inside my universe | driven by a secret force | fed by the secret source | sharing love with everything on my course | no double dealing | i'm on my way to find healing to learn breathing | to stop misguided feelings | to stop believing | life uncovered is a deep deep dream | your life's a dramatic scene | but once you find it's of no meaning | if you were happy sad or screaming just take my eyes | and see how small you are
trees shaking over its head | not alive not dead | it doesn't know what i knew before | an unsatisfied sky | reflecting an unsteady mind | the cold has taken away the heat | the magic heat | that made it feel so flying free | that connected it so deep and now you see | wee wee wee wee wee and now it seems these eyes i received | are stealing sight | and though searching i only find | nothingness in a however coded mind | shut down the lights | then i can see from the inside | outside | inside | to the outside illusion of past times | is coming up from | earth to toes to heals to knees to a heart | reminding me of wee wee wee wee wee and i reversed myself | and i use | my feet to speak | my hands to kill | my mouth to listen | my nose to touch | and my eyes to feel | now i feel no more i am surely so caught up | in ideas of unrealistic reality | is about to be completely screwed up from | earth to toes to heals to knees to our heart | reminding me of wee wee wee wee wee that's how i lost my mind | and now i'm free | now i see there's nothing | inside or outside me | ja! | lose your mind and you will know | there's nothing to learn | nothing to show | nothing to lose | nothing to know | nothing i know | nothing you know | nothing to know | ja!
you can't posses me unless we agree | to never be free | confess you love jazz | a guest making mess | is making tests in your chest | to see how you react | how far you can get phantasmagoria shuts down when i push your buttons | limbic system allows for no discussion | until you puke pure gnosis | holy moses! now you are completely naked | realize it's all just | shape shift fake shit | the picture's bigger | the grave digger buries your clipping jitter all sirens reach your island | you no longer own a mind and | there's only violent silence reduce your reduction | restricting your destructions | fading your distractions | we want you to take action | all we need is a reaction | fuse all your fractions | expand all interactions
your shifty eyes collide with my sight | far from this time | in any way so don't hide this time | all so easy | life is fine | drop out of this one | made of lies become lightweight | just fly wether you get low or high | you're just as wrong as you are right so don't hide this time | don't hide this time why decide if you're boundlessly moving with the velocity of light? | why decide? | you could be boundlessly moving | with the velocity of light so don't hide this time | don't hide this time | don't hide
my shadow's fading | right from your life decide | i completely suck you light | or you suck all of mine | or we are burning bright once inside no way to delete | what came into this mind | no never will it leave just open up a little hole | in your soul device | let your spirit fly | see it's so divine | even dead yor're fine i'll take you on my ride | we go flipping sides | shifting truth and lies | everything is always right | it is your time | it is an endless stream | it's nothing new for me just open up a little hole | in your soul device | let your spirit fly | see it's so divine | even dead yor're fine
i can decide | where to go and what to do | give me the key | to lock your world in | i won't stay in here | to explore | the smallest piece | no i won't stay in here | to explore | the world you know | give me the key | to lock your world in
mmmhhhh | now i see my true face | claim to know i know | what i look like | when i see myself in a reflecting surface | now i claim to see my real hands | just projections of my | fake eyes | made for only one dimension | made for only one dimension of | construction | i am all one | now i am all | one is now | I am all is now | is now | is trying | trying so hard | to distract me from being by | giving me eyes | by letting me see this | fake believes | letting me believe | that all is fake | is real | is | all is fake is | real is fake | all is real fake | is real | all is fake real | and i tried all perspectives | in this | mmhhh | mmhhh | mmmhh | hhhhh
air in my ears | so much louder | than the words you say to me | i can't hear | i only feel that i know | what is and isn't right for me let the coldness flush your heart freeze me in your memories | i ain't waiting for the sun to melt it | i'm just gonna break it | i'm gonna break you wind blowing | coming from the sun | flush you heart and my steps | so slow | fighting to move on | and my steps | no my feet won't | feet won't follow
there's noise | burning in my center | screaming so loud | keeping me from | breathing | feeling | your attendance | filling all my perception | stop ringing in my head | need to know my own mood again | or i will lose my sense connected through existence | connected through flow | but you're disrupting | that specific energy | with your scream | wanting you | to never say a word | i got silent | in a co-existent world thinking to get rid of | the link between this one and me | it caught me creeping through my | hidden zone connected through existence | connected through flow | but you're disrupting | that specific energy | with your scream | creeping | creeping throug my | entire body | creeping through my bones
now i sprout again | i hear the water | trickling | soothing my skin | carry me | carry me | under the water | beneath the water | now it's time to go | i got no time to show | i leave my cells | your seeds must grow take me 'long | be my wings | take me deep | help me see | take me 'long | take me deep | be my wings | help me see | take me higher | carry me | be my eyes | help me fly | be my eyes | help me fly
she's the monkey in your life | climbing onto the soul trees | you leave behind | under the soul trees you leave | she creates her paradise | and when alone | she's working to make | your hell her home | full of the soul trees | in a world of bird screams | falling leaves | while they die | in their sheets between their walls and stones | they live and die | alone | they live and die | alone | never moving into her home | cause she's the monkey | they don't know yet | it's the monkey | they don't want to see | being part of | reality | being part of | you | me | flowers | bees | birds | trees | she's part of everything you see | no reality | without me | without your monkey | without your monkey mate


Ape Shift is a musical trip and a mindtrip as well. Elevating grooves, melodic spheres, an earthy fundament are the base for levitating vocals.

It's our evolving hybrid approach to trippy music that effortlessly alternates between instruments played by musicians, electronica derived from instruments and mutations thereof. It's high tec and it's hippiesque. It's smooth, it's weird, it's loud.

Creating the album was more of an intuitive process than a straight rational production. Things unfold themselves to surprise and advise their creators to find their finished shape. We're a kind of intelligent apes, so what you get to hear is *whatever* ape-shaped during our Ape Shift. Listen and get shifted.

100 % earcrafted with love <3


released February 19, 2019

Mike Müller - Drums
marQs plietsch - Bass
Oli Schmidt - Guitars
Dr. Wok - Visuals
Greta Plietsch - Vocals

Recorded at authentic audio, Groove Construction, Sirius Sound Lab.
Mixed & mastered by marQs plietsch at authentic audio

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Secret Source Germany

Starting 2014 with pure soundesign - experimenting with odd tunings - the Secret Source soon found its perfect voice in producer marQs' daughter Greta.

In 2015 invitations to gigs followed, in 2016, Secret Source has turned into a 'real band' playing the unplayable live.

Today, 2019, the weird mixture of band/musicians/instruments and electronica are getting mature, check out your Ape Shape!
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